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An influx of Zimbabwean sex workers into the Zambian capital, Lusaka, is testing the government's patience with its neighbour.

Although there are no official figures for the number of Zimbabweans resident in Lusaka, unofficial estimates have put the figure at 10,000 or more, and many are said to be engaged in activities the government frowns upon.

"We have had numerous reports and concerns over Zimbabweans engaging in commercial or illicit sex," Mulako Mbangweta, a spokesperson for the immigration department, told IRIN.

Although the size of its economy makes South Africa the most favoured destination for Zimbabwe's economic migrants, there are no visa requirements for Zimbabweans travelling to Zambia and many simply stay on after their visitor's permit has expired.

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Clementine Mumba, a spokesperson for the Treatment and Advocacy Literacy Campaign, an HIV/AIDS prevention advocacy group, told IRIN: "This issue of having Zimbabweans taking up prostitution here will have a very negative impact on our country.

"These people are desperate for cash and can do anything, regardless of whether they are infecting or getting reinfected.

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