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These, the authors say are exacerbated by “…misguided and externally imposed development strategies, the militarization of the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia and decline of traditional values and dispute settlement mechanisms” .They also document the contradictions between the aspirations of the Afar to join together as one people, and the regional governments’ - Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti – efforts to maintain national unity.

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Actually, the boundaries tell only control rights (exclusion, alienation and management rights) of a clan, while mobility transcends clan territories.”“Clan land often comprises strategic resources such as grazing areas including dry season retreats, browsing resources, and water points.And, indeed, young Afar men were dying for it regularly; we heard of battles and killings throughout our six-week stay in the desert.…Strength of mind and body were really all anyone required for survival in the desert….The Ethiopian Central Statistical Authority (CSA) has estimated the July 2008 population of the Afar Administrative Region at 1,449,000, of which 137,000 are urban residents. The numbers suggest a sex ratio of 124 (males per 100 females) often found among populations who have suffered a level of societal disruption such as excessive gender-specific migration, or excessive gender-specific mortality. 646,000 females) either stands out as a glaring example of data errors that produced highly lopsided numbers by sex, or suggests a troubling scenario of a harsh survival environment for female members of the population.

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