Who is brent smith from shinedown dating

Brent Smith, lead singer for the rock band Shinedown, has mentioned during each live performance that music is just another way of painting a picture of life.

With his motivational verses and thoughts on life, Shinedown's lyrics paint a rather elaborate painting. "Second Chance" from the album The Sound of Madness The verse is: I just saw Haley’s Comet, shooting She waved, said, "Why you always running in place?

The area was originally inhabited by the Timucua people, and in 1564 was the site of the French colony of Fort Caroline, one of the earliest European settlements in what is now the continental United States.

Under British rule, settlement grew at the narrow point in the river where cattle crossed, known as Wacca Pilatka to the Seminole and the Cow Ford to the British.

It's and I can't sleep Without you next to me IToss and turn like the sea If I drown tonight, bring me Back to life Breathe your breath in me The only thing that I still believe In is you, if you only knew If you only knew How many times I counted All the words that went wrong If you only knew How I refuse to let you go, Even when you're gone I don't regret any days ISpent, nights we shared, Or letters that I sent The song was Brent Smith's first break-up song regarding his long-time girlfriend Ashley.

This song is about having the courage and motivation to get through anything life throws at you; no matter how difficult.A platted town was established there in 1822, a year after the United States gained Florida from Spain; it was named after Andrew Jackson, the first military governor of the Florida Territory and seventh President of the United States.Harbor improvements since the late 19th century have made Jacksonville a major military and civilian deep-water port." Even the man in the moon disappeared Somewhere in the stratosphere Tell my mother, tell my father I have done the best I can To make them realize This is my life I hope they understand I'm not angry I'm just saying Sometimes goodbye is a second chance Brent has always been very open in discussing the meaning behind songs.Smith tells audience members how this one was on the hardest songs for him to write because it's a story about saying goodbye to his parents and chasing his dreams.

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