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I gradually learned that the humans around me behaved emotionally on a scale that was strongly correlated to what I perceived to be 'protocols'.

I found that if I figured out and followed the protocols carefully, I would get cooperative results--when the protocols were not adhered to, the other person became difficult.

They are often accused of being disrespectful and rude, since they find they can’t comprehend expectations of appropriate social behavior and are often unable to determine the feelings of those around them.

People suffering from Asperger's syndrome can be said to lack both social and emotional reciprocity.

I was voted the most intellectual member of my senior class in high school, but I dropped out of college after one semester because college was too slow a method of learning, and I believed I already knew more that the professors I encountered and found no teachers there whose guidance I trusted. I was fortunate to find a life partner who appreciated my unique character, and was willing to help me with my lack of social talent.

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I am 58, currently a software engineer, happily married for 35 years, with Asperger's Syndrome all my life. When I would play with them we would always have to be building something.

People who suffer from this condition find it difficult to develop meaningful relationships with their peers.

They struggle to understand the subtleties of communicating through eye contact, body language, or facial expressions and seldom show affection towards others.

I was a polymath, and assembled my own chemistry lab at the age of 7.

At age 8 I began collecting slime molds and had racks of glassware all over my room.

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    I gradually learned that the humans around me behaved emotionally on a scale that was strongly correlated to what I perceived to be 'protocols'.

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