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Ramadan is a time where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to anywhere up to 22 hours a day. It is a time where one feels closer to Allah and their family.At the end of Ramadan, a big celebration is held where a we eat a lot of good food and do a lot of fun things.There are also evening special prayers during Ramadan, called taraweeh in which long portions of the Quran are recited. I’m 22 years old and I’ve been travelling my whole life, living the life of a diplomat’s kid.Though, these are not obligatory but many perform them. I spent the last few years in Uzbekistan, Morocco and Pakistan.

So, you'll keep all your fasts and then at a later date (not Eid) you can keep an extra fast. In fact, we are encouraged to give more charity during Ramadan.Aside from Eid prayers, my family celebrates Eid every year by having a sweet traditional dish in the morning for breakfast. Nothing is expected of the children, apart from wearing new clothes and just looking their best. Certain verses are given to God and certain are given to the Prophet. Both prayers to God and the Prophet are very similar, we just make the intention about who we are offering it to.We then go to our relatives houses, where we spend time with one another and exchange gifts. The prayer offered to God is called Farz (mandatory) and the one offered to the Prophet is called Sunnat (what was done by the Prophet and not mandatory) The prayer itself involves verses from the Quran, specifically those which mention that there is only one God and how God alone can forgive you and is the most merciful.There are two types of pilgrimage - Hajj and Umrah.Hajj is performed during the last month of the Islamic Calender and is mandatory.

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