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You also may want to get tested four to six weeks after delivery.Depending on your condition, your doctor may refer you to a hematologist, a doctor who specializes in blood conditions.“Small” level of leukocyte esterase has no predictive value for positive urine culture and “trace” leukocyte level has a negative predictive value for a positive urine culture.Urinary Tract infection (UTI) is a frequent outpatient diagnoses.Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to other cells in your body.Many women lack the sufficient amount of iron needed for the second and third trimesters.Your obstetrician will also prescribe vitamins to ensure that you have enough iron and folic acid. If you do become anemic during your pregnancy, it can usually be treated by taking iron supplements.Ask your doctor about your risk for anemia and make sure you are tested at your first prenatal visit.

Doctors typically perform several tests to check the percentage of red blood cells in your plasma and the amount of hemoglobin in your blood.

ABSTRACT Objective: Assess varying levels of leukocyte esterase presence on urine dipstick as a risk factor for positive urine culture.

Materials and methods: Retrospective evaluation of outpatient laboratory data from Beloit Memorial Hospital obtained randomly from samples in outpatient settings in the year 2016.

More severe anemia, however, can put your baby at higher risk for anemia later in infancy.

In addition, if you are significantly anemic during your first two trimesters, you are at greater risk for having a pre-term delivery or low-birth-weight baby.

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