Thai dating usa

Its the same all around the world, physical attraction and love can take many different forms.

As I said earlier there is a stereotype that foreigners date poor women as the men want a beautiful woman and the woman wants financial security. In reality though there are many middle class women who want to date foreigners.

The middle class has been rapidly expanding in the past decade or so with the growing economy and increase in university study.

However, culturally a lot of people in the middle class stick to social norms such as living at home with their parents and following family values.

When Thais see this they understand the situation and to be honest people do judge.

However, younger Thai women in the middle class are more open to dating foreigners close to their age.

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The idea of an old foreigner and a young Thai woman.

She probably works in an office, has a degree and makes enough money to buy a condo and a car.

So why is it so many people say it isn’t possible to date this kind of Thai woman?

Many foreign English teachers in Thailand make a salary of around 35-40K THB and survive so you can see this is a reasonable standard of living for middle class Thais.

There are of course a lot of Thai women earning over 40K a month and I wouldn’t consider them all Hi-So.

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