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The languages of India are divided into various language families, of which the Indo-Iranian and the Dravidian languages are the most widely spoken.

There are also many languages belonging to unrelated language families such as Sino-Tibetan, spoken by smaller groups.

Khariboli also started to spread across North India as a vernacular form previously commonly known as Hindustani.

Amir Khusrow wrote poems in Khariboli and Brajbhasha and referred that language as Hindavi.

Vedic Sanskrit and Classical or "Paninian" Sanskrit, while broadly similar, are separate both adjectives elliptically referring to vak "speech") is the broad family of Indic languages and dialects spoken in ancient India.

Some modern scholars include all Middle Indo-Aryan languages under the rubric of "Prakrits", while others emphasise the independent development of these languages, often separated from the history of Sanskrit by wide divisions of caste, religion, and geography.

Pali is believed by the Theravada tradition to be the same language as Magadhi, but modern scholars believe this to be unlikely.

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Pali is the Middle Indo-Aryan language in which the Theravada Buddhist scriptures and commentaries are preserved.

The Prakrits (which includes Pali) were gradually transformed into Apabhraṃśas (अपभ्रंश) which were used until about the 13th century CE.

The term apabhraṃśa, meaning "fallen away", refers to the dialects of Northern India before the rise of modern Northern Indian languages, and implies a corrupt or non-standard language.

Hindustani is right now the most spoken language in the Indian subcontinent and the fourth most spoken language in the world.

The development of Hindustani revolves around the various Hindi dialects originating mainly from Sauraseni Apabhramsha.

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