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The LE5 LITE camera has a battery life of five hours and features a simple slide on/off switch covering the lens when the camera is off.Additionally, the LE5 LITE features wi-fi and a mobile app."Agencies already using VERIPATROL as their video management system of choice now have the opportunity to maintain their same proven back-end system when they update their hardware.We've made it an easy and cost-effective transition for those who want the newer features and lower price of the LE5 LITE camera," said Seam Mc Carthy, vice president of strategy and the VIEVU business for Safariland.If you think there is a problem with your transmission then the first thing you should always do is check your transmission fluid levels.

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The LE5 LITE body-worn camera is a best-in-class, funny-integrated system in a compact and lightweight package, allowing agencies to implement or upgrade to a comprehensive body-worn camera program at an affordable price.

The LE5 LITE camera and software can be purchased directly online at

VERIPATROL packages for the LE5 LITE camera are available November 2017, and are priced beginning at 0.

This solves a lot of transmission problems but if you still can’t shift then you may need to look at your throttle cables.

A faulty throttle cable that has too much slack can prevent proper shifting, or shifting at all for that matter.

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