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In turn, that means reproductive isolation is not the best definition of a species, and speciation does not require allopatry (species to be reproductively separated).

Isolating mechanisms are things which prevent successful breeding between groups in a species.

In about 6,500 sq mi (17,000 km), the Hawaiian Islands have the most diverse collection of drosophilid flies in the world, living from rainforests to mountain meadows. Studies show a clear "flow" of species from older to newer islands.Each genus is split into a number of species, each of which is confined to a stretch of the north coast between rivers which descend from the Atlas Mountains to the Mediterranean.As soon as one crosses a river, a different but closely related species appears."...The ability to analyse the DNA sequence of living things has shown that there is often quite a lot of hybridisation between related species.That means genes have been transferred by these naturally occurring crosses.

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    The first two numbers (07 in this example) are the day; 7th. Made in Taiwan, 2002-: Letter-letter-letter-######, like so: QJM120013. The first two letters are the year; QK=04 (see chart.) The third letter is the month; J=March.

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    Tampa Bay Times - Ayana Stewart - March 31, 2016 Police artists nab criminals with pencil, paper In an age of ubiquitous cellphones and surveillance cameras, New York City police forensic artist Matthew Klein is one of a dying breed of crime fighters who helps catch bad guys with a pencil and paper.