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I believe they are "particularly relevant to the topic of the article." Woody (talk) , 21 July 2009 (UTC) No, because it is talking about United Kingdom in the geographical sense, or more accurately, the British Isles.

(which I have now switched to in the article.) (Original Sentence="the Central Powers attempted to break that blockade and establish an effective blockade of the United Kingdom and France with U-boats and raiders.") Woody (talk) , 21 July 2009 (UTC) I see your point, but generally speaking under the OVERLINK guideline, its not favored to link to common known countries.

Cornette's is the best quality, but I'm not sure that it suits the article, especially given that you were unsure about whether he should be mentioned at all. The Hayes picture is hard to see and seems inappropriate because it is from a different HOF induction ceremony.

I'm open to adding the Cornette or Eadie pictures if you think they would be useful.

I realize that the article Dash says that "[the] en dash can be used instead of a hyphen in compound adjectives in which one part consists of two words"; however, the operative here is "can", not "must", "should", or "is", and WP: MOS doesn't subscribe to that particular usage.

I tend to agree with you on this, but I was overruled in an FA discussion ("Academy Award–winning director" in the second para of lead); I was told that "WP: DASH does not coherently address the case of the compound adjective one element of which consists of two words; please see any standard manual of American English style". Dabomb87 (talk) , 24 July 2009 (UTC) It looks like something happened to Rawlings' website.

This list has been in development in a sandbox for about 6 months but I think it now meets all of the criteria, I hope you agree.

Thanks, Woody (talk) , 17 July 2009 (UTC) Support Although I would like to see a few more images it looks like a good list.

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