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Also I think that the show helped me grow in many different ways as a dancer and also as a person so I think that people also saw that.How has your life been since the show ended a few months ago? My favorite dance from the season would have to be "Fix You" choreographed by Travis Wall and danced with Allison Holker.I was so happy and excited that we were both going to be on the show. How did being trained in contemporary better prepare you for the other genres of dance?For the first time ever, the finalists were all contemporary dancers. What do you think made you stand out over the other contestants to make it to the top 3?While you wait for your the So You Think You Can Dance recap make sure to check out all CDL’s SYTYCD recaps, spoilers, news & more. Those that made it through now had to strive to impress the judges while they were at the Academy and so tonight’s all new episode kicked off the first week.Each contestant would be given the chance to have another solo performance before they moved into choregraphed group routines.

He had been great with routine in that he knew the steps and so the problem came about because he tried to bring his normal group routine to Hip Hop.He was eliminated meanwhile Gaevin, who Nygel hadn’t had high hopes for, had impressed the judges.The Hip Hop dancer had maintained his own with his partner and so he impressed Nygel this round.They later said she was sometimes stronger than her older sister who tried out and it hadn’t surprised anyone when she too turned out to be safe.Tessa Dalke was one of the few that was worried about her performance because she was putting together a routine the same time she was studying for her midterms however she gave one of the strongest performances of the night.

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