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On the positive side: there is much more possibility to connect with users that are in the same area. With the national success in mind, the founders are looking to capture the attractive North-American market.

In addition to the matching feature that made Tinder so famous, the app also included a Live Rader (like in Blendr and Grindr) and a user search with filters. Until now, the Americans are not impressed; they still find Tinder, Hot or Not and OKCupid most valuable when looking for a date.

With an average age of 30-55, many of our members are busy single professionals, and so we’ve created a sleek dating app, designed to help singles fit dating around their schedules, rather than the other way around.

For those that do not want to pay there is an alternative.

By watching videos, subscribing for e-mail lists or by downloading apps of Tapjoy partners, users with much time or a high spam-tolerance level can earn credits.

The increasing number of singles, living mainly in cities like Berlin and Köln, attracts a wide range of online dating players to the German market. The dating app was created in 2011 and is now growing faster than all of the longer-existing players like Parship, and e Darling.

Week after week, Lovoo is in the top most downloaded social apps in Germany, right after evergreens like Facebook and Whatsapp.

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