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My workaround consists of going to podcasts, doing a select all and marking them all as watched.

However, this totally ruins the whole management aspect as I do not know what I have not listened to.

) of people downloading them and never listening to them, the podcaster still has to pay for serving the files for no reason.

My solution -- which is only an option if you listen on an i Phone, i Pod Touch, or i Pad -- is to use the app Insta Cast which not only keeps podcasts current on your device but also allows you to download or stream any you don't have, even over a 3G connection with big files.

If then (after "fixing" one playlist) I go to a different 'live updating' playlist, I just disable, then enable the 'live updating', and the playlist seems to work again.

This is very tedious, but better than recreating the playlist from scratch every time.

To check for updates manually, select Podcasts in the Library section of the source list, and then click the round-circle refresh button in the lower-left corner of the view under the Unplayed or Podcasts tab, or the Refresh button in the lower-right corner of the view under the List tab.

All subscribed podcast feeds are updated immediately when you refresh, and i Tunes downloads the most recent (or all) episodes, depending on how you set your podcasts preferences to schedule podcast updates.

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When I recreate the smart playlist from scratch, it has been working again, for a time, but my main playlist has stopped updating now for at least the fourth time since i Tunes 11 came out. Googling this issue has not brought any usable answer, most people seem to have a problem that the smart playlist in i Tunes is not properly synced to their device.While that's unnecessary to actually get new episodes when you have periodic updates set, it will reset the clock, as it were, and prevent it from stopping when you don't listen for a while.Whether this is actually any better than just dealing with it as it comes up, however, I don't know. Here's someone's VBScript to tickle i Tunes (after accumulating five unplayed podcasts) so it will download more: Lib/detail.asp?I tried switching off and on the 'live updating', restarting i Tunes in between. I copied the playlist, and the copy showed the same stale set of podcasts, not the newer ones I verified existed.I changed the filter settings for the smart playlist, but no change.

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