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But then again, he's making a ton of money so it's not as if he'll come out one day, admit he was wrong, and then close shop.Like Mystery, one of his favorite techniques is to push emotional buttons to get guys to buy his products.If she wants cocky and funny you better be cocky and funny. If she wants entertainment and you aren't entertaining then she will move on to the next guy who is.Ironically, PUAs say that they take women off their pedestal, which in a manner of speaking is true.Pretty effective marketing I'd say, although a bit on the low side (even for him). This is very much in line with feminist propaganda.It basically says that unless you learn how to become more attractive (from him), women will think you are a big Loser. The PUA community loves to say how inept the vast majority of men are when it comes to women.And then there's David De Angelo, who does provide some good information, but also some very bad.He seems to underscore all his good advice with this one sentence: "Do this to get women".

The false teachings and predatory practices of the industry will be exposed here in full.So rather than do that many guys prefer to just take the "spoil the child" approach to getting laid.Game is basically a coping strategy for women's rotten behaviour.He makes it seem like it's so crucial to get things "perfect" where women are concerned. Well, they just dash you with a finger if you get it wrong.Speaking of priming the fear, here is a screen capture of an image ad that David De Angelo put up in his online advertising campaign. Buying Into Feminist Propaganda And Double Standards Currently, the PUA community sees women as superior beings, and men as generally deficient (since we're the ones who have to be taught what to do).

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