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The zapping is getting worse and the whoosh noise is still there. The person I talked to stated that they don't feel that Paxil is addictive because it doesn't carry the behavior of a person that is dependent on a drug.

I have been experiencing the following withdrawal symptoms along with the above. A person that will go out and steal to obtain their drug of choice or cause harm to another.

I am an Alcohol/Drug counselor and had never been addicted to any Alcohol or drugs before in my life.

To seek out help for a stressful time in my life and to be put on such a dangerous drug such as Paxil.

They also are quick and easy to set up and thanks to Google you can start one free.

Start your free blog today (and remember to link to this page) I too decided to take myself off of paxil,and did I ever have a rough time of it.

Here is an alarming email about Paxil side effects that I was given today. After 1 week I started to experience headaches and zapping.The nightmares are terrible and so are the hot flashes that I also experienced while taking the medication.I am furious and discussed that my Psychiatrist put me on such a drug that is so addicting and causing so many problems.Using one drug to offset another or taking less of a drug at a slower pace, one will never be off and only keep going back to help deter the effects of withdrawal.4 days now for me and I will fight and get back my sanity. I still have the headaches but they are finally easing up. The following is part of the conversation I had with them.

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