Muslim men dating outside their religion speed dating fort walton beach

Answering your question about can you marry Muslim and you are not Muslim.

It’s not allowed you must become Muslim by you heart then you can marry him.

I want to know if muslims can really marry christians? Ten thousand French Muslims converted, as did 35,000 Turkish Muslims.

On the other both of you sound mature enough to know what your getting into and his parents should leave at that, they shouldn't be involved with who he get's to date; that is completely your personal business and they should well butt out!Now that he is not he is drinking, smoking, going to strip clubs without them knowing all of this!Thats what I told them when I was reading the Quran and I qoute "you cannot enforce a religion on someone it has come by heart" but they started telling me that if I love him I would do it..Unlike the Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe, most of these Muslim immigrants, the biggest groups of whom arrived in the 1970s, were from the middle and upper classes and came for a university education.Some planned to return to their countries, but as the political situation at home deteriorated, a large population settled here.

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