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The chairman of a town council is styled the Town Mayor.Councils may make people honorary freemen or honorary aldermen.Functions are vested in the council itself, and then exercised usually by committees or subcommittees of the council.The post of leader was recognised, and leaders typically chair several important committees, but had no special authority.In a related development, the Health and Social Care Act 2001, Police and Justice Act 2006, and 2006 local government white paper set out a role for local government Overview and Scrutiny in creating greater local accountability for a range of public-sector organisations.Boroughs in many cases are descendants of municipal boroughs set up hundreds of years ago, and so have accreted a number of traditions and ceremonial functions.Where borough councils have not adopted a directly elected mayor, the chair of the council is the mayor.

Councils have historically had no split between executive and legislature.There are now twelve directly elected mayors, in districts where a referendum was in favour of them.Many of the mayors are independents (notably in Hartlepool and Middlesbrough, which in parliamentary elections are usually Labour Party strongholds).Each ward can return one or more members; multi-member wards are quite common.There is no requirement for the size of wards to be the same within a district, so one ward can return one member and another ward can return two.

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