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As someone who has had to endure the indignities and the fear that goes with unwanted sexual attention and harassment on a regular basis, I appreciate the efforts to highlight the issue.

Dark skinned women (not just blacks) are considered exotic in many places unless the population is dark skinned, in which case white-skinned women are perceived to be uber-sexual and a brown-skinned woman with a white person is fair game for sexual harassment (I'm thinking Asia here, especially Thailand and India).

Essentially, modern Egyptians are probably a blend of Sub-Saharan Africans (Nubian) and other African people.

Politics and wars and economic differences have split the African countries apart.

In terms of this article, it was recently published and I found it interesting, which is why I referenced it now.

Readers can go to any other mainstream website for analysis of what's going on in Egypt politically, but this article--written by an African American man--examined what it's like to be sub-Saharan African in Egypt.

I imagine that it's rather uncommon for an Egyptian to see a Sub-Saharan African, or even white women, or Asian women.

As the previous commenter mentioned, there is probably some colonial mindset in the way Egyptians perceive people of other races, especially since they don't have opportunity to interact with people of other color.

Perhaps it's time for African Americans to learn more about how many people in the country they've romanticized hold them in such low regard.

I appreciate the look into race relations in Egypt.

But I think I might play devil's advocate and "defend" the racism.

Not to mention, sex tourism plays a big role in people's perception of the women of another nation.

It is not right for some Egyptians to be racist, but they aren't exposed to other people as we are.

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