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We currently offer repair services for lighters and we are the U. Warranty Repair Service for Alfred Dunhill Lighters nationwide.

Please see our menu above regarding how to send your lighters for repairs well as which lighters we can and cannot repair for you.

Rotate the Dunhill lighter so that the flint chamber is pointing down above your hand.

Shake out the old flint into your hand, and discard. While other brands of flints may work, Dunhill recommends use of its own flints, which are designed especially for Dunhill lighters.

Butane operated, the soft yellow flame emitted is warm and steady.

Men's Accessories: These days Elvis Presley is remembered as a man of dubious taste, but before he went Vegas, the King exhibited a rather refined aesthetic sense.

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In 1902 Cartier London and 1908 Cartier New York were established.

For models with screws, grip the knurled sides of the screw and turn the screw counterclockwise to remove.

If the screw proves too difficult to remove by hand, use a coin. Insert the nozzle of a fuel filler bottle into the aperture. Your model will include either a knurled wheel on the back edge of the lighter, a “D-ring” at the base, a slotted cap at the base, or a wick. For models with a D-ring, lift the D-ring and turn it counterclockwise to increase the flame.

The Rollagas shape of lighter is Dunhill's oldest and most popular design.

Classic flint roll-bar ignition powers each brass cased lighter.

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