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They were both drunk and my sister said that's why she kissed him back. Then at the airport, him and my sister were having a really long talk again and my sister told me she really likes him.The thing that makes me mad is that my sister has been saying so much bad stuff about my cousin.And now she tells me after letting him explain about everything that has happened to him she understands. He had a romantic side when he was with his ex-girlfriend yet he still cheated.Anyway, they say they are going to tell the whole family soon because now my sister is falling in love with him also (all it took was 2 days, wtf! She also says she can see herself marrying my cousin.It’s not like you guys are siblings, but, however, it is odd.I don’t advise it because being family it could turn out bad or cause resentment and you don’t want to ruin your current relationship, do you?Flirting is perfectly fine, and fun, for that matter.Don’t take it a step too far and risk losing what you have now.”“Actually, it’s not considered incest between cousins.

I know my cousin has liked my sister for a long time (in fact, quite a few of our cousins have liked my sister) but yesterday he wanted to talk to me about this and he confessed that he has never felt this way about any other girl, even his last 2 girlfriends with whom he had long-term serious relationships with.

And when all our friends find out too everyone will be talking and gossipping.

But I told my sister it's making me uncomfortable and she says I just need to get over it (which is true I guess). My friend's little sister is dating my ex boyfriend?

But at the time, I didn’t quite understand the concept that he was also related to me.

When I was older and found out that I had been crushing on my own bloodline, I freaked out.

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