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Only a few managed to get near enough to launch gas canisters.

All apertures in the Akal Takht had been blocked with bricks and sandbags, leaving only small holes for gun emplacements, so the canisters bounced back affecting the soldiers, not the Sikhs defending the shrine. The battle became, in Brar’s own words, “a massacre” and the space in front of the Akal Takht a “killing ground.” Seven hours after the battle started, just as it was getting light, tanks were ordered to bring down concentrated machine-gun fire on the defenders. Brar decided no frontal assault could succeed, so the tanks were ordered to fire their main weapons. There was an explosion, and masonry started to fall.

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But there were gaping holes in the Akal Takht, black stains from the fire which had broken out, and rubble everywhere. On the parikrama – or pavement – around the complex were blood stains. Although they had been imprisoned, dismissed from the army, and denied their pension, they had no regrets. We are loyal to our country but, if we couldn’t protect our religion, then what does loyalty to the country matter?

Two more attempts were then made to reach the Akal Takht. The firing from inside became intermittent, and eventually stopped.

The Akal Takht after Operation Blue Star (Photo: I returned to Amritsar in the first press party taken to the Golden Temple complex after the operation. The Golden Temple itself was in tact, scarred only by a few bullet holes. In the immediate aftermath of the operation, some Sikh soldiers in the Indian army mutinied.

Bhindranwale held a defiant press conference in the Akal Takht at which he promised to give the army a fitting reply.

I could see how heavily fortified it was, and thought that there was bound to be a bloody battle unless Bhindranwale cracked.

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