Dating etiquette avoiding first kiss

Ending the night with an I’ll-call-you line means so long, farewell forever.If the night went so well, don’t break the communication line with vague plans to see each other again.

What makes it hard for me is the fact that I get so intimidated by the moment that I end up screwing it up.

And one way of getting that first kiss is to gather the confidence and just go for it. That’s enough to give me the confidence to initiate that first kiss.

Another way to get that first kiss is to watch my date’s eyes.

The bottom line is to be specific as to when you guys can meet up again.

Avoiding three things can really give you a head start in the dating game. Either you can avoid doing these three things to impress your date or you can do all the three things to get rid of your date. When it comes to dating, a lot of men appear to be clueless.

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