Dating customs in scandinavia

Celebrating the Summer Solstice The celebration of the Summer solstice is a very ancient practice, dating back to pre-Christian times.Midsummer was originally a fertility festival with many customs and rituals associated with nature and with the hope for a good harvest the coming fall/autumn.The busiest times were between Easter and Midsummer, and between Michaelmas and Christmas.

John's Eve) which they celebrate on the eve of June 23rd.Known as Sankthansaften or in earlier times "Jonsok" (which means "John's wake"), Midsummer in Norway is marked by ceremonies that evolved from Christianity, which included pilgrimages to holy sites.Bonfires are part of the celebration, as are mock weddings, meant to symbolize new life and the new season.Midsummer is Scandinavia's most popular seasonal festival after Christmas.A traditional celebration of the Summer solstice, Midsummer is the longest day of the year (June 21).

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