Chiknu man thiyo

so i called her & wished her, she was shocked, she thought that i 4gort her, then that night she called me so decided to forget watever happened in past & with this new we'll be start a good relation as like as b4. ROhini- m engaged, i don't like that guy so much but my parents choosed him for me, so i can't ignore u know last time i was ignoring ur, that i was not in good mood, that time only i got engaged,he is in army, ME- i took cigarette,smoked. i said i want to kiss u, i know this is not good in first time, but i don't think tat we can meet again like this, by knowing u more, i feel very close to u, if u say no i'll not kiss u but i want to make this day very memomrable for my whole life.

she told me to come to sikkim & meet her but i thought that she is just kidding with me, becoz of some problem I came to Siliguri & informed her that im in siliguri, she was very happy & ask me to come there, i told her ok i'll there on sunday but i didn't went, i was not sure wether she is sure or just making me fool. so i said he is very lucky guy, bcoz he'll ........ she didn't told me anything just made her eyes closed, i knew she is ready so slowly i went near to her & gave her soft kiss on her lips & then i pause 4 sometime, she opened her eyes & stare me such a like her eyes r saying me something , i grabed her & gave her long kiss, we kissed 4 some 5 mins, i started to kiss her in neck, chicks, eyes , ear & also biting them, she was making some sound sshhhhs shhhh aha ahhhhh ishhhhhhh, her lusty voise made crazy, i kept my hand on her boobs, she didn't told me any thing , i got red signal, & start playing with two big size tomatoes, she was not able to control herself , slowly i removed her jacket & took her to bed.i took off my jackets, shoes, even her shoes.

Tehi story jaha bhaauju lai chikdai garda saali le pani dekhera ,2 janalai raati chikne sahamati vaathyo ni ho baki story ho hai yo bro jab 7 pm vayo bhauju le aafna 6ora haru lai sutna pathaunu vayo ra babu haru pani has vandai kothama gaye , ma rubi ani bhauju kitten room ma gayeu ani bhauju le freze bata tuborg nikaldai rubi lai sukuti liyera basna vannu vayo ani hami 3 jana le beer drink garna lagyeu, halka garmi ko time ma chiso beer drink garda maza aairaheko thiyo..

Maile 2 botel matrai beer drink gare kinki 2 oti lai chiknu thiyo jhaap vaye ta sutne dar le thori ma chitta bujhaye..

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i just closed her mouth otherwise she'll shout very loudly.

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Yata bhauju ko puti ani rubi ko puti le lado magi raheko thiyo , bhauju le mazale chusdai thin mero lado , maile sali ko puti chate uta rubi le dd ko puti ma aula halera khelaudai thiye , yaha thulo yudda vairaheko tìyo hami sabai ko swa swa aawaj matrai aairaheko thiyo..

Maile rubi lai afu tira farkai lado le puti ma dhakka din thale uff pasdai pasen pani le chiplo ta vayeko thiyo tara pani pasen lado dukhne gari dhakka marda tuppo matrai pasyo, Ani rubi rudai boli vo vayo malai ta ..

Kasto dukheko 6 pardaina ma ta dinna vandai malai hatai ani mero palo bhauju lai afu tira tandai gwama 6iraye ani jod jod vitra baira garauna thale bhauju le rubi ko dud chusdai thiyen vane rubi le lado ra puti ko bich ma haat le spars dilaudai thi oh yasto garda maza khub audo rai6, rubile yo dekhe pa6i lado lai bhauju ko puti bata nikalna vani bhauju jos ma thiyen tai pani manin ani rubi lai chikna thale yaspali ta j pare parla vanera jod sanga jhatka diyeko ta purai pasyo tara rubi ta dukhai le kapna thali 6atpataudai thi maile dud khelaudai bistari bistari chike uslai maza auna thale 6 ani dd ko puti chatdai malai pani sath didai gai., bhauju le afno puti ma lado halna khojeki thiyen tara rubi risauli vanera ali santa vain ani rubi lai maile chikdai garda uni mero dhad lai dhakeli dina thalina yasto garda mero speed badna thalyo .

After sometimes her fren told me that she is not feeling good, having some headache, feel like vomiting, she told she'll come in morning, & she went to there room. so we start some chit-chat she told me tonight u have to drink, no excuses, i said i cant but she force me to drink. so took 1 sip, it tasted good, and she asked asked me how u feeling now, do u think me same as like b4? then i made her lay down proper & slept next to her, my 1 hand was below her haid & 1 hand was searching her hole while kissing her she was not having so much pubic hair, there was very less hair, finally i got the hole & tried to insert my fingers on it. then i put some salvia,just playing 4 some time now her vagina was very wet, so slowly i inserted 1 finger on it she just did ihshshshhhssssssss. she was facing toward the celling,i went & sit middle to her legs, put both legs on my both shoulder & placed my penis to her hole then i kept 1 hand on her hand & 1 hand in my penis 4 adjusting, i made her bust with talking like dont b scare la .

ME- yes good, u r very good , sorry b4 i thought u just playing but it was my mistake. Me- i thought to say u r really sweet but mistakely i said u r very hot, & this single world changed everything 4 me. & it'll pain little in first but then u'll enjoy & suddenly i gave 1 storng short.

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