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My husband is 9 years older than me and I have no problem with that, beside that, we both have reached an age above 35 that we made our decision based on mutual mature life experience. If your email bounces, it means that we are not accepting new members at the moment.

The last guy I talked with posted that message about Spain and the women he met.

For years and years I would beat myself up inside over the fact that trying to talk to women was a total nightmare But sometimes it also can be a real woman who is trying to fraud you.Yes, they change their mind about what they’re going to wear tonight and who’s their best friend faster than you change your underwear (so more than once a week), but there’s one question they ask that NEVER changes: “Where have all the real men gone???So, for the sake of lost boys and beautiful women everywhere, here is a 20 point checklist you can use to work out where you currently sit on the boy / Man spectrum and where you really need to focus your attention if you want to start attracting beautiful, confident, in-demand women.“I could connect with her so I’m going to approach.” “I could learn something new so I’m going to try.” “I love feeling free so I’m going to express myself.” Men know the best life you can ever hope to achieve by running away from pain is neutrality and so consciously focus on fulfilling their deep desires.They’re the ones finding ways to lean over their edge and push their boundaries, despite the obstacles that they encounter: “I’ll wake up half an hour earlier.” “I’ll save for a week.” “I’ll just tell her to take her earphones out.” Men know that if they’re ever going to create the life they want, they have to make it happen and so get off their arse and do it.Boys are so afraid of hard work that they look for the effort-free solution that means they can get out of work with the least amount of pain and exertion.

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