Beautiful phillippine girls for dating

One thing I don’t agree with, I have worked with a lot of Korean, Japanese and Chinese men and they all seem to say that Filipinas are beautiful because they have almond shaped eyes and most don’t have what they call “pancake” shaped faces.

Short and cute women are generally more desirable for asian men, and although most are of darker shades of brown, most are pretty, naturally pretty.

I lose that chance to inspire that positive mindset in someone about Filipino culture. a lot of local everyday Filipinos that I interact with will always believe that was the reason why I was here. Where as if Filipinos push the other simple amazing reasons why one should be proud to call this country home…

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Instantly their minds will drift back to the thought that being with a Filipina is the only reason one would want to stay in the Philippines. These situations and conversations with locals, they really do happen to me quite often. share those reasons first and foremost with foreigners and each other…

They believe that is the biggest reason why I should want to be here. I explain the amazing things that make me want to be here and parts of this culture that inspire me so much.

That it would be the number one reason why a foreigner would ever want to call the Philippines home. I guess it is part of the reason why I get scared to date a Filipina.

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