Baptist beliefs on interracial dating

The way the debate over miscegenation is normally construed, the allowed views are basically these: either one believes that interracial marriage is wrong in all circumstances, or one believes that interracial marriage is wrong in no circumstances.However, although the debate is usually construed that way, it is rarely that way (i.e.Similarly, Massachusetts forbade miscegenation by law in 1705, North Carolina in 1715, South Carolina in 1717, Delaware in 1721, Louisiana in 1724, and on and on.Some states, which were formed later in America’s history, still had sufficient popular opinion to illegalize interracial marriage even into the twentieth century, e.g. In sum, over 40 states had laws forbidding the marriage of whites with non-whites (though not all laws prohibited marriages with every type of non-white).Yet, what is noteworthy here is the persistence of anti-miscegenation legislation for a very large portion of American history.One of the earliest examples of this is Virginia’s anti-miscegenation law of 1691, which forbade the marriage of whites with any non-whites.Legislation and criminalization are not things which just appear among a people; they require a substantive consent of the populace (or apathy).Without popular consent, laws will inevitably change.

It is tacitly assumed that everyone has thought the same way in history, except for a few evil men who thought otherwise due to racial bigotry and especially to “ignorance,” as the accusation often goes.

Despite such censoring — or perhaps, because of it — it is vital that we thoroughly understand the topic, rather than passively accepting anything with which our unbelieving culture and media might try to inculcate us.

Before venturing into the subject itself, it would be profitable to understand what others, especially Christians, have thought of miscegenation.

Allegedly, the only reason people would be opposed to marrying those of other races is because they have hatred or animosity for other races.

It is because of this allegation that any opposition to miscegenation has been thoroughly and censoriously silenced.

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