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After the sentence was passed Dumbledore turned to Harry and Daphne and said, "Harry? I'll escort you back to school.""Insulting me again, Headmaster, by using my first name? "And, sorry; but, we have further business to attend ere we return to Hogwarts."With one of his unpatented grandfatherly put-upon sighs, Dumbledore said, "Very well.I expect to see you back before not too much longer." And walked from the room.My Hogwarts letter confirmed my belief the wizarding world actually existed. I have it on good authority Lord Sirius Black, recently exonerated of charges relating to the events at Potter's Cottage on the 31st of October 1981, and in the township of Coventry a few days later, is in fact your sworn godfather. ""Your good authority is both correct and has a big mouth. "Living with the Greengrasses is doing you a lot of good."As Harry finished talking Madam Marchbanks banged her gavel three times and called the court to order."Bring in the accused," she called.

It was agreed Harry would be protected under the joint custody of Madam Longbottom, Madam Bones, Lord Black and Lord Greengrass.""And what would that be, My Lord," the journalist replied."I need you to include, as part of your article, that I had nothing to do with, nor had any idea of, the Notice-Me-Not wards for mail owls on where I was living.And that, even if I didn't receive any mail from the wizarding world, I'd still like to apologise to those within the wizarding world who sent me mail, for not thanking them for their effort.It was quite clear how the man had manage to become the Headmaster of Hogwarts, the Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump all at the same time.Harry also noticed that Amelia had made good use of the timeline he drew up as Dumbledore tried to claim that Harry's proper guardians, with the exception of the Greengrasses, were either imprisoned or were lying in Saint Mungo's.

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