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As already mentioned check for embedded album art and be consistent use either embedded album art or Album My experience is that 1000x1000 pixel with up to 500 KB for Album work fine with Google Play Music and most players.Higher resolutions and bigger file sizes may only work as embedded album art, which can be a huge waste of space.Further I had a few files with chroma subsampling 4:2:0 which couldn't be read, so I suggest to use subsampling 4:4:4 if possible, this also provides the best quality.I use Linux so the results appear as icons, in Windows right click - search .You can delete the offending icons, then use whatever app you use to try find new album art. Fourth, try copying the album's folder back to the phone.Most of the time, your media information will already be correct because it is downloaded when you rip a CD or it is embedded in the file when you buy music from an online store.However, on occasion, the media information that is downloaded for a file on your hard drive or for a CD is incorrect or missing.

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TIP To ensure your files stay organized and updated, make sure you update your media files after changing any media information or album art.Previously I would only close the player and delete the files of or clear its cache.These options seem to be gone in Android 6.0 or have no effect.I have tried: What worked for me, as adx suggested, was to go into the /Android/data/ folder on the phone and delete all of the files it contains.They are extension-less files, so it is impossible to tell which one is the offending one, so I just deleted them all.

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