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"Erinsborough High School: Sapienter Si Sincere" means wisdom and success.

and the school has been merged with both West Waratah Tech and West Waratah High.

Zeke broadcast his show under the alias of "Lost Boy".

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Rosemary Daniels (Joy Chambers) used the complex as a base for the Daniels Corporation and a hotel, which used to include a restaurant, a pub and the Lassiter's Lake also began appearing.Bulldozers moved into the Lassiter's Complex area to begin work.Many of the sets were revamped and there were some new additions.There are enough different locations for characters to come into contact with each other daily and enough jobs within the complex to ensure that characters will make each other's acquaintances.The Neighbours sets underwent a makeover in 2010 ahead of the 25th anniversary in March 2011.

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