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Steps to follow during an Active Shooter situation — Determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life and call 911, when it is safe to do so. method of using fire extinguishers: If the college receives a bomb threat, it probably will be by telephone or mail.

He also discusses the removal of secessionists from Alexandria; Baltimore, Maryland; and Washington, D.

Individuals who have been trained in the proper use of a fire extinguisher and are confident in their ability to cope with the hazards of a fire may use a portable fire extinguisher to fight small fires (no larger than a waste paper basket). If a bomb threat is made by telephone, the individual at the switchboard would normally receive the call.

Fire fighting efforts must be terminated within 15 seconds, or when it becomes obvious that there is risk of harm from smoke, heat or flames, which ever comes first. The following actions/observations need to be made: All College personnel are encouraged to learn first aid and CPR. in order to help someone, you must: REMAIN CALM and CALL FOR HELP If you are on campus, call 911, then contact College switchboard at “0″ or 86700 Glenns or 36700 Warsaw. ALWAYS stay on the phone until the person answering the call ends the conversation.

Purpose of the Threat Assessment Team As a requirement of Virginia Code Section 23-9., each public college or university shall have in place policies and procedures for the prevention of violence on campus.

RCC is committed to providing a safe campus environment that promotes student learning.

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