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Many of the young people who require placement in secure accommodation are not in care but accommodated.It is therefore essential that parental views are sought, as parents can discharge the young person from accommodation.It is theoretically possible to apply for a Secure Accommodation Order on a young person aged up to 18.However in practice applications for young people beyond the age of 17 are extremely rare.The maximum period is 72 hours, either consecutively or in aggregate in any period of 28 consecutive days.Consequently this provision is a power available to the local authority and not a Court Order. Where an adjournment is necessary, the court can make an interim order.

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Social Workers must have a firm plan about where they want the person to go on discharge, mindful that a discharge could take place at short notice if it is decided that the criteria no longer apply.The following legislation and guidance governs the use of secure accommodation on welfare grounds: A young person may not be placed, and if placed may not be kept in secure accommodation unless it appears that: S/he has a history of absconding and is likely to abscond from any other form of accommodation and Such young people may not be placed, and if placed, may not be kept in secure accommodation unless it appears that any accommodation other than that provided for the purpose of restricting liberty is inappropriate because: The Court is unable to exercise its power to authorise a period of restriction of liberty if the young person is not legally represented, unless the young person has chosen not to exercise this right (s25 (6) Children Act 1989).The Children (Secure Accommodation) Regulations 1991 states local authorities may not keep a young person to whom s25 of the Children Act 1989 applies in secure accommodation without leave of the Court beyond 72 hours (whether or not consecutive) in any period of 28 consecutive days.Where the decision is made to seek a Secure Accommodation Order the young person must be advised of their legal rights and their case regularly reviewed by a Secure Accommodation Review Panel (see Secure Accommodation (Criteria) Reviews Procedure, Secure Accommodation Review Panels).All such placements must have clear aims and objectives and must only be made for as long as is necessary and unavoidable.

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