Accommodating resistance exercise machines

There are also strength training exercises with a parabolic strength curve, where the movement is heaviest in the middle part, such as arm curls.

Well, first and foremost now, you don’t need to wonder anymore why a Bench Press feels more difficult in the bottom part than in the top part.

Consequently, accommodating resistance is used for ascending strength curves.

This is the fine difference between accommodating resistance vs variable resistance.

Accommodating resistance and variable resistance are often used interchangeably, but strictly speaking, they are not the same thing.

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Accommodating resistance is characterized by the resistance accommodating throughout the range of motion of a movement and more precise the resistance increases throughout the range of motion of a movement.

Ascending strength curve: lower resistance in the beginning and increasing resistance, so that resistance is highest in the end.

Descending strength curve: higher resistance in the beginning and decreasing resistance, so that resistance is lowest in the end.

The lower the intensity, the more the bar is decelerated, only above 85% 1RM deceleration approximates zero.

Deceleration is not a good thing if you are thinking about strength development and power development.

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